Pharmaceutical development
Pharmaceutical Medicine covers all aspects of Research & Development, Manufacturing, Registration, Marketing & Sales and Pharmacovigilance concerning medicinal products.

Just as in the aviation industry, the pharmaceutical industry is heavily regulated to serve customers safety. The regulation includes guidance on how to assure a consistent quality of the medicinal product and how to assess the benefit-risk ratio to the patients. The products are subjected to multiple types of critical, complicated and expensive tests/studies to assure the patient's safety. These tests and studies generate an enormous amount of data that needs to be evaluated to assess a benefit-risk ratio.

This gathering of data is a continuous process: from the early discovery of the molecular entity, through pharmaceutical, non-clinical and clinical development and including the post marketing experiences of the drug. Moreover, during the entire process, the manufacture of the drug is subject to change, for example, because new techniques or raw materials are used, or because a new pharmaceutical form or container has been developed.
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